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BLEC Consulting Group

We help clients interested in buying, building, or developing their project in Costa Rica for personal use or as an investment, and who are seeking professional real estate advice and services.

BLEC Consulting Group distinguishes itself from the competition by offering a unique value added service, which is based on the following aspects:


Our Services

All of our services are done by certified professionals and in compliance with country and local regulations.

BLEC Projects


Josh Blaze, Manhattan Beach

“I purchased my first property last year in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. BLEC helped me find the land available in the area. With so much offers in the market, I needed experts in the field to point me in the right direction. I first purchased the lot of land and then with one of their architects I designed my home. 8 months later I had my new home ready to enjoy with an infinity pool included. Thank you BLEC for being my ally during this process."

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